Upcoming Spore Themes

The Evolver Network’s regional spores coordinate each month to explore themes relating to global transformation. Please see Upcoming Events to check locations and times.


2015 Themes Coming Soon! This year most Spores will be focusing on quarterly events scheduled on or near the equinoxes and solstices. Stay tuned!


2014 Themes

January:  Healing our Relationship with Money


February:  Sexual Politics in Transformational Culture


March:  Local Convergence: As part of our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and ongoing community building, this month many Spores will be hosting local Convergences- networking gatherings for Evolvers including organizations, people with projects, volunteers and participants! The intention is to build connections, look for ways we can mutually assist and celebrate each other! Check Events to find one near you.


April:  Community & Festival Unity: Festival season is fast approaching! This month, spores can reach out to local festivals and find ways to work together. Spores could produce workshops, perhaps based on one of this year’s themes, or coordinate a project to create lasting relationships amongst participants or improve the site, with lasting, post-festival impact. TEN is well known in transformative festival culture but participation in other communities’ festivals and conferences is encouraged – rock/folk festivals, wellness, environmental or economics events, etc.


May:  Envisioning the Future: Create Vision & Mission Statements For Your Spore


June:  Creating the Future: Build an Action Plan For Your Spore


July:  Expanding Meditation Beyond Community


August:  Holding Space for the Spaceholders, Healing our Healers


September:  Scaling the Change: Transformational Culture & Systemic Change: One of the criticisms of transformational culture is that it is a platform for personal change but rarely the place for larger scale societal and cultural shifting. While it may be true, we must change ourselves before we can change the world (and in fact “be the change”). However, despite our personal work, the injustices of the world continue. How can we address this to make our personal work meaningful for others?


October:  Non-Violent Communication IRL & Online: Our language, culture and violence are intricately linked. Even once we remove our most common concept of physical violence, there remains the psychological and emotional. Online we are often quick to share messages before we’ve considered of our words, and witness storms of blame and guilt in a physically dissociated arena. Last but not least, we are inundated through popular media with violence and negativity. Through Nonviolent Communication, one cultivates self-empathy, empathic listening, and honest self-expression. The Evolver Network encourages a continual NVC practice, to remain mindful and present in a society that promotes violence unchecked. Through exploring this theme, we consider how we as activists can defuse the cycle of violent language.

Overview and introduction to NVC: http://www.nonviolentcommunication.com/aboutnvc/4partprocess.htm


November:  Decolonization & Cultural Appropriation: We now stand at a time when settlers in colonized nations need to take responsibility and provide allyship to the frontlines of indigenous issues that affect all people, both indigenous and settlers. We need to confront still present acts of racism, stereotyping and cultural appropriation and assist in the recognition of indigenous rights – especially in transformational culture, where sacrament use, spiritual practices, and land and resource rights dialogs are often passed over. Why is this? Let’s deal with these shadowy discomforts, our own ignorance and blockages and be in service of a socially just culture.

You can see the video recording of our November 2014 Decolonize Consciousness roundtable here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XxkryziA8U. About 70 people attended and several Sporeganizers and Indigenous activists shared their wisdom on the panel. Thanks to Evolver Vancouver Sporeganizer Sobey Wing for putting it together! This is just the beginning. You can join the dialogue on a new Facebook group we made. People have been sharing a wealth of resources on the topic there.


December:  Santa Consciousness: Exploring the Gift: This month’s theme was created by Evolver Calgary. You can watch Skye Dreamer’s transmission on gratitude here. Evolver Calgary has lots of videos up of past Spores, and Skye has a whole body of work around Gift Culture. How are you sharing your gifts?

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