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When you support The Evolver Network, you play an integral role in accelerating planetary transformation. As a non-profit initiative, we rely on your tax-deductible donations to build our global community and spread a new awareness of our collective, creative potential. You can support The Evolver Network with a monthly contribution (or one-time donation) here:

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$5 per month


When you support Evolver as a Michrosporidia, pulsations of cosmic joy waft toward you from the Gaian matrix.

Along with our love and appreciation, you receive reduced price opportunities to join our Evolver Intensives, and occasional special offers.
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$10 per month


The joy deepens into swirling bliss, into waves of cosmic intelligence that permeate your awareness.

Along with the discounts on Intensives, retreats, and conferences, we send you a free Evolver Editions book of your choice, or a free t-shirt from The Evolver Network, after three months.
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$20 per month


You begin to realize the presence of other shimmering beings that emanate wisdom into the cosmos.

Along with all of the above, you receive the t-shirt and new releases from our Evolver Editions Manifesto series as they come out, and one free Evolver Intensives course per year.
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$50 per month

Slime Mold

Your capacity to form yourself into a multi-celled entity gives you a beautifully expansive perspective on the world around you.

Along with the special offers described above, you receive a free pass to two Evolver Intensives courses each year, and free copies of all of our new Evolver Editions titles as physical or electronic books.
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$100 per month


What a pleasure to undulate your tiny hairs as you propel yourself through the biosphere’s liquid membrane.

All of the Evolver Intensives are free for you, in addition to receiving all the offers above. After one year, we will send you a limited edition art print, released through Reality Sandwich.
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Tax-Free donations above $50 receive The Evolver Network T-shirts and copies of our most recent Manifesto.



Take root and suck up moisture, reach your leaves and petals up to the distant stars.
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Fling those limbs around, stick out that tongue, scratch and sniff.
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You decompose organic matter with such delicacy, thanks for breaking it all down for us.
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Inter-dimensional Avatar
As you graduate from physical form, your breath exudes golden nectar.
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