You Are the Evolution Happening Now!

The Evolver Network is looking for people who realize that our current civilization threatens the continuity of life on our planet, and who feel inspired to build a beautiful and durable alternative.  By joining with us, you become part of a global community collaborating to raise awareness of the dangers we face, and enact healthy solutions to these problems.  The solutions are out there: All that is required is the collective will to discover and enact them.

Click here to find your local Spore. Many Spores are looking for dedicated “Sporeganizers” to help with organization and events – please contact them directly. If there isn’t a Spore in your area, and you’d like to start one, read on!

What’s Involved in Starting a Spore?

We are looking to spread Spores far and wide! Note that The Evolver Network is reviewing the Spore program and changes are likely to happen in early 2014.

Sporeganizing is for the most part a volunteer position, so setting up a Spore is really dependent on your own time and energy.  However, by producing profitable events, Sporeganizers can compensate themselves for their work. You can invite people over for a potluck, produce monthly or otherwise regular events, or do large conscious conferences inviting healers and explorers and sustainability people, etc.  You can also launch projects that bring together diverse groups in your community. Evolver creates optional monthly themes to give people something specific to dialogue or connect around. You can also allow it to self organize by beginning a Facebook group for your area. We highly recommend having more than one sporeganizer in your city and suggest you reach out to people who may be interested in building a team.

You may want to have a look at the Facebook pages of some active spores to see what kinds of things they are doing:

Evolver Baltimore

Evolver Indianapolis

Evolver Bay Area

Evolver Asheville

There are a few requirements of sporeganizers:

  • Reliable access to internet
  • Submit post event questionnaires and email list within 7 days of Spore event (form will be provided)
  • A representative from the Spore must attend monthly video conference calls
  • Yearly review of active status as a Spore
  • Uphold TEN’s mission
  • Collect contact info from participants and maintain a local contact list which can be shared with TEN

Most of all, we are looking for folks who have some experience organizing and creating connections and can commit to establishing a spore over the course of at least one year. Spore size and success can ebb and flow, but we want Spores to grow!

We are looking at broadening the spore program to possibly include memberships, leadership training for Sporeganizers, spore life cycle models, templates for easy event production… we are in a time of transition with some really great things in the works – updates will be posted here.

If this sounds good to you, please contact us for the application and feel free to ask any questions!

Interns and Volunteers

We are currently looking for grant writers & crowd-source fundraisers, graphic designers, social media mavens, writers, outreach coordinators, festival representatives, and general administrative assistants to help build and grow our transformational network.  Credit is available for college students.  Volunteers receive discounted or free entry to many Evolver events and activities.

To volunteer for the new planetary culture, email