The Evolver Network’s June 2014 Newsletter

This month’s bulletin includes a summary of TEN’s recent training in Dragon Dreaming, a project management technique from Australia. Also featured: upcoming Spore events, media by the network, and inspiring ally organizations. If you’re not already subscribed please sign up …

First Official Bulletin of the Evolver Network

TEN has begun its own monthly newsletter, specifically to inform you of what the Network, Spores and Partners are up to so you can connect and create!


Please give it a gander here:


And if you haven’t …

April 2014 News

The Spore Theme for April is COMMUNITY AND FESTIVAL UNITY – spores will be exploring how they can best participate in upcoming local festivals and conferences. If you see opportunities in your area, or if you are part of a …

March 2014 News

The Spore Theme for March is CONVERGENCE; spores will be holding networking events to unite and build support within their communities and to coincide with The Evolver Network’s crowdfund campaign and Earth Allies Directory launch… info on both is coming …


Crisis and Opportunity: Evolver Network Summer Fund Drive

Humanity currently faces its greatest challenge as a species, and up to this moment, we have not been up to the task. That challenge is accelerating global warming. We approach a point of no return, and we need to make …


EvolveFest : August 31 – September 3 Phillipsburg, NJ

August 31 – September 3, Phillipsburg, NJ 

Evolver is proud to host the workshop/presenters area of the 6th annual EVOLVE Music and Yoga Festival – 8/31-9/3 in Phillipsburg, NJ), a gathering for progressive, fun-loving and visionary people who wish …


Tragedy at Chimbre


The tragedy at Chimbre serves as a tragic reminder of how naive we
still are about what we call “shamanism” – a Siberian word,
originally, that Mircea Eliade made cross-cultural when he used it to
describe the similar mystical …

Co-Creating Wellness

Come together for an interactive, experiential community salon in which practitioners and lay people explore the theme of energy and vitality, and envision a well-care system that works. Together, participants will engage in a rich dialogue interweaving over seven holistic …

The Mayan Elder

Unitribe Presents: The Mayan Elder Speaks: 2012

Unitribe Presents: The Mayan Elder Speaks: 2012
Saturday Sept, 15; 7PM. Church of Saint Paul and Saint Andrew:
263 West 86th Street (between Broadway & West End Avenue) NYC

So… is December 21, 2012, really the end of the world? …


Be The Peace World Event

Friday, September 21

On the International Day of Peace, hundreds of organizations worldwide are joining together to create one of the largest global prayers and meditations for peace in history!


Brought to you by: The Gaiafield Project, Pathways …