Evolver Bay Area Meet n’ Greet, Dec 11 2014

1487956_680950088678522_4806586588488039768_o-1Hey Evolvers,

Let’s hang out. Meet ‘n greet Thursday Dec 11, 7:30-11pm.
@ Lumen Labs, 905 Parker St, Berkeley

We can do a few games to connect so we’re not all standing around shaking each other’s hands ;), but mostly


Development Director Wanted

Image by Dadara. Please check out his Art as Money blog - fantastic work about how we value and create exchange. http://blog.artasmoney.com/blog/

Image by Dadara. Please check out his Art as Money blog – fantastic work about how we value and create exchange. http://blog.artasmoney.com/blog/

The Evolver Network is looking for experienced development assistance. Please contact us if you’re interested, or forward this

Decolonize Consciousness


Join Evolver Sporeganizers and special guests for a free 2 hour online webinar roundtable to to offer ideas and suggestions on how to become aware of oppressive behaviors within ourselves as settlers and in our conscious movements. A digital fishbowl

Gift Economy for TEN

You can help the Evolver Network in its mission by supporting a core team member. From 2013-2014 around 15-20 people have been putting in voluntary time during a transition period for Evolver. In deep gratitude we would accept help and …


Evolver Sydney: Shaking Off And Celebrating Feminine Shadow in Sexuality, August 21, 2014

This month’s Sydney Evolver Spore will examine shadow around the divine feminine and work to shake it loose, bringing balance to the divine masculine meet we held around the same time last year. 

The evening will feature exploration with a

The Evolver Network’s June 2014 Newsletter

This month’s bulletin includes a summary of TEN’s recent training in Dragon Dreaming, a project management technique from Australia. Also featured: upcoming Spore events, media by the network, and inspiring ally organizations. If you’re not already subscribed please sign up …

First Official Bulletin of the Evolver Network

TEN has begun its own monthly newsletter, specifically to inform you of what the Network, Spores and Partners are up to so you can connect and create!


Please give it a gander here: http://www.evolvernetwork.org/?sendpress=eyJpZCI6MTQ0ODEsInZpZXciOiJlbWFpbCJ9


And if you haven’t …

April 2014 News

The Spore Theme for April is COMMUNITY AND FESTIVAL UNITY – spores will be exploring how they can best participate in upcoming local festivals and conferences. If you see opportunities in your area, or if you are part of a …

March 2014 News

The Spore Theme for March is CONVERGENCE; spores will be holding networking events to unite and build support within their communities and to coincide with The Evolver Network’s crowdfund campaign and Earth Allies Directory launch… info on both is coming …


Crisis and Opportunity: Evolver Network Summer Fund Drive

Humanity currently faces its greatest challenge as a species, and up to this moment, we have not been up to the task. That challenge is accelerating global warming. We approach a point of no return, and we need to make …