Our Mission

The Evolver Network is a global network connecting organizations and individuals working toward the health and wellbeing of Earth and humanity. The Evolver Network’s mission is to empower positive transformation of self and community through education, celebration, and co-creation.

Local Evolver groups, called Spores, produce events and media, and build relationships among local leaders and organizations. The network hosts programs such as leadership training, a participatory think tank, and planetary healing calls. Together we promote and support an emerging value system that is sustainable, full of meaning and founded on human connection.

Want to play? Open your heart and change reality from the ground up!

What Are Spores?

An Evolver Spore is a collective that may host events, form co-ops, and network together local initiatives.

Evolver Spores act as decentralized living learning laboratories. Spores connect local community and international consciousness, sharing best practices for a sustainable planetary culture. We encourage symbiotic collaboration and a culture of mutual support.

At an Evolver Spore event you might learn about:
resilience and sustainability  * alternative economic models  *  healing  * arts  *
indigenous wisdom  * plant medicine & herbalism  *  right use of technology  *
local governance  *  urban gardening  *  design science  *  leadership training  *
peace activism  *  sex & relationships  *  shamanic ritual  *  quantum physics  *
bee keeping  *  open source software  *  composting  *  lucid dreaming  *
performance  *  alternative media

Click here to find a spore near you. Each month, we develop a theme for a network-wide event that sparks dialogue, attracts diverse groups, and empowers local communities to take action. Check out a list of previous events  and upcoming themes.

Network-Level Programs

At the international level, Evolver Spores coordinate to share solutions and innovations. We publish a monthly bulletin, offer public healing calls, and coordinate a touring artists circuit. Programs in development include the Spore Tanks (an online participatory think tank), a leadership training certification, an international time bank, and traveling educational dome for festivals like Burning Man. To see a full list of our programs, including contact for sponsorship, please see the programs page.

Relationship with Evolver.net & Reality Sandwich

The Evolver Network is the nonprofit side of the Evolver Social Movement. We have independent operations from, but work in solidarity with, Evolver.net, the Evolver Learning Labs, and Reality Sandwich, to bring conscious evolution to all sectors of society. Evolver.net is an e-commerce website which sells  products such as herbal medicine, art, and books. The Learning Lab offers online interactive webinars, where you can learn from pioneering thinkers and practitioners in a live global classroom. Reality Sandwich is an online magazine for transformational culture, and reports on similar topics as what the Evolver Network covers. TEN has its own section on Reality Sandwich, which you can follow here – http://realitysandwich.com/x/evolver/.