The Evolver Network creates interconnected online and offline communities for evolving consciousness. We currently have 30 local groups worldwide, called Evolver Spores.


10 Principles of TEN


  1. Educate Minds
  2. Build Community
  3. Restore the Environment
  4. Promote Permaculture
  5. Celebrate Art & Creativity
  6. Advocate Social Justice
  7. Highlight Holistic Healing (H3)
  8. Design Better Systems
  9. Transform Money
  10. Dream Big


Evolver Spores host community events and engage in arts and media activism. Like mycelium, we network together the people, organizations and initiatives who collaborate toward a balanced world.


Every quarter the network hosts a theme that serves as a mass media and action campaign. We partner with organizations, companies, and media producers to synchronize and connect people focused on the theme, and expose their work to a global audience.
 Evolver Spores share media from their events, and we learn best practices from each other. Our goal is to provide blueprints and support for the creation of activist hubs that evolve consciousness in every city in the world.


Through TEN, you might learn about beekeeping, alternative currency, innovative governance models, herbal medicine, water cycle restoration, gender and sexuality, Indigenous rights and digital privacy. You’ll also likely find peer support and networking for your conscious business or healing arts. Often people attend an Evolver Spore because they are tuning in to a deeper spiritual reality and want community that is oriented toward practical action and creative liberation. We encourage a culture of celebration, inclusion and autonomous self-organizing.


Click here to find a spore near you! Or check out a list of previous events  and upcoming themes.


Network-Level Programs

At the international level, Evolver Spores coordinate to share solutions and innovations. We host online webinars, a traveling lounge for festivals and conferences, and strategic media partnerships.


Relationship with Evolver.net & Reality Sandwich

The Evolver Network is the nonprofit side of the Evolver Social Movement. We have independent operations from, but work in solidarity with, Evolver.net, the Evolver Learning Labs, and Reality Sandwich, to bring conscious evolution to all sectors of society. Evolver.net is an e-commerce website which sells products such as herbal medicine, art and books. The Learning Lab offers online interactive webinars, where you can learn from pioneering thinkers and practitioners in a live global classroom. Reality Sandwich is an online magazine for transformational culture, and reports on similar topics as what the Evolver Network covers. TEN has its own section on Reality Sandwich, which you can follow here - http://realitysandwich.com/x/evolver/.


The Evolver Network was founded by
Daniel Pinchbeck
Jonathan Talat Phillips
Ken Jordan
Michael Robinson


Website created by
Web Developer: Robert Hoyt
Art Associate: Abigail Geraldine
Illustrator: Alia Penner

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