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Receive a free download of the mystically eclectic music currently influencing “acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk” maestros Jamie Reynolds and Simon Taylor-Davis of the Klaxons as part of our summer fund drive.

From the symphonic retro sounds of David Axelrod’s “The Mental Traveler” to the psychedelic folk echoes of Robin Scott to Tito la Rosa and Jose Campo’s haunting ayahuasca icaros, Reynold’s and Taylor-Davis’s collection features the kaleidoscopic soundscapes inspiring the Klaxons’ recent work.

The Evolver Network is delighted to offer The Interzone Mix to our community as a gift, although we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to help build — and financially support — our community for a new planetary culture during our summer fundraising drive.

Our forty local Evolver Spore groups meet up in cities and towns around the world, inspiring new connectivity, creative insurrection, and projects that nurture a thriving, healthy world. Accessing the needs of their community, the Spores have cleaned up rivers and beaches, shepherded local alternative currencies and gift circles, hosted city-wide environmental festivals and healing events, kick-started permaculture gardens, orchestrated urban forestry efforts, and more. As a non-profit initiative, we rely on your tax-deductible donations to sustain and grow our global community, spreading a new awareness of our collective potential.

We ask you to “create what you seek” and support The Evolver Network with a monthly contribution (or one-time donation):


Daniel, Talat, Remi, Anna, Asha, Ann, Elber, and our 100+ Sporeganizers

The Interzone Mix: Download Here

The Mental Traveler – David Axelrod
In the Year 2525 – Zager and Evans
Your My Kind of Climate – Rip Rig and Panic
How Much Are They ? – Holger Czukay
Just an Illusion – Imagination
Lightfield (In Consonance ) – Glenn Branca
Fresh Start – John Baker
Fantasy is Reality – Parliament
Love for the Sake of Love – Claudia Barry
Song of the Sun – Robin Scott
Ayahuasca Medicine – Tito la Rosa & Jose Campo


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